About ATAB Academy

Our Why

There are many people in the cosmetology industry who struggle to find clients, who live unable to pay themselves, or or in a shop/salon with no help or guidance. Then, there are others in the industry who live amazingly well, they can afford a middle or upper class lifestyle, and they can use their skills to make positive impact in the world.

The difference between those that do well in the cosmetology industry and those who don't is skill, education, business strategy, and work ethic. At ATAB Academy, our goal is to help more barbers leave the struggling life, and enjoy being "above the average" in the industry.

About Anddy Barnes

Founder, ATAB Academy

Wassup! I'm Anddy, and I want to help you grow a massively profitable grooming business.

I've been a grooming specialist for the last 10+ years where I've specialized in barbering and esthetician services for men. Over my stint in the grooming business, I've learned a lot about financial management, business strategy, scheduling, customer service, legal, real estate, and more.

I created ATAB Academy as a place to share what I've learned over the years to help others experience an above average grooming career like I have.


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